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ConQuesT Weekend 2013

I spent last weekend at ConQuesT in Kansas City. One more salute to those who came from far away, hail and well met once again! This weekend was a success not only for visiting old and new friends, but also in accomplishing a number of goals, such as:

  • Successfully performed the song “May it Be” (Enya) at Tolkienfest with my son Ben accompanying on guitar.

  • Successfully moderated my first panel.

  • Successfully delivered my presentation on highlights from the Creating from your Original Voice© workshop (Clarissa Pinkola Estés).

  • Successfully introduced two sons to the joys of ConQuesT gaming.

  • Successfully performed readings both Friday evening and during the Hadley Rille Extravaganza on Saturday.

I am looking forward to meeting again next year. In the meantime there are a number of writing goals to work on. I hope to get back to work on my novel and squeeze in a poem or two here and there. I am thankful to have good experiences from last weekend to help propel me onward.

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Shapers' Veil is a fantasy novel full of adventure and majesty. It is also an experiential journey into healing. Several modes of healing are woven throughout the story. The most familiar to human readers is herbal medicine as practiced by the healer Gydana.

Born into the potter's trade, Gydana was accepted among the nomadic Adeladans after showing kindness to a headman's grandson. From the tribes she she learned healing arts, including midwifery and the uses of plants. Herbs that give comfort and support natural healing are always her first choice, but she knows well how to make a potion strong enough to poison an enemy or even to drug a recalcitrant immortal.

Kawi found Gydana on a bench outside the hut, tying herbs into bundles. A pile of plants lay at her feet on each side of her. No, on one side was a pile of plants, on the other was the shadow cat mimicking a pile of plants.
“What’s wrong with me?” he said. “What was that smell?”
“Dolcy herb. It helps you sleep. I didn’t want you to wake up and hurt yourself.”
“How long have I been lying there?”
“We’ve been here two days. Don’t you remember?”
“Two days!” He sat heavily on the bench beside her. Woman and cat and herbs swirled and spun in his eyes. He fought to remember past his grogginess. “I recall you threatened me with something.”
“Because you wouldn’t stay still. I told you you have to stay still. You have to let the wound knit.”
He leaned his head into his hands. “You have poisoned me.”
“I medicated you. It’s good for you. Relax, it’ll wear off in a couple of hours. I’ll get you something to eat and we’ll have a look at you.”

Summer Memory

This ancient tree has outlived many of its own scions. It is broken in half, its core is rotted away, but it still sends shoots from its moss-covered skin. It is older than you know, its roots deeper than you can fathom. Stand in its shadow and breathe its power.
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I wrote a little bit on Monday, about 800 words. I wrote about 400 words yesterday, but I've nuked them already. Turns out the jailer is not who I thought it was at first.

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Happy New Year, all you folk everywhere! 2011 is going to be a very busy year: my novel will be published and I'll be travelling more. Hopefully I'll be able to translate some of this activity into actual words. For now, I ponder the dragonfly; airborn and shining, as brilliant as a butterfly, yet predatory. How curious.
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it's a good thing that I got a new computer before a virus took the old one, and that beer has 3 weight-watchers points.
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